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Do you want to sell more houses? 
Of course you do!  We at Jenne Construction have a program that can help you do just that.  Our program will add a benefit to your service that will make you stand out from other Realtors.  But before we go into detail about how we can assist, let's look at the current market conditions and the challenges you face. 



 Too much outdated inventory!

Although there are plenty of houses to choose from, most of the homes on the market are simply outdated.  You may have found the perfect starter home for a young couple, but the wood paneling and avocado appliances keep it stuck in the seventies.  Or maybe you found the ideal house for a growing family that meets all of their needs except they just can't get passed the 1980's teal painted master bathroom furnished with its brass faucets and Hollywood dressing-room-type lights that ring the mirror.  Now, you may look at these houses and see all the potential knowing full well the value they offer.  If the potential buyer could look past these dated atrocities and understand that investing some money in updates will bring added value to their home, they would be making a wise decision.  But what are these buyers really looking for?



Today's home buyer

Today's home buyer is much different than they were in the past.  The first time homebuyers that are entering the market are the "Millennial" generation.  They not only want a home, but they want a nice home, and they want it now!  They are not looking for a "fixer upper", they are looking for new and trendy.  They cannot imagine cooking in a kitchen that has Formica countertops instead of granite or a white refrigerator instead of stainless steel, even if they eat out every night!  The thought of having to update their home is usually out of the question.  Additionally, they usually do not have extra cash to throw into such a project anyway. Finally, they know they are looking to purchase this home in maybe the best buyer's market ever, although they may not understand why.  All they know is that they can be choosy, expect all their needs and wishes to be met, and to get the house at a price they can afford regardless of what their budget is.  So how do you find the diamond in the rough?  The answer may be not to find it, but to make it!
Our Program

We believe the answer to these challenges is to give the homebuyer the option to update and customize a potential home so that it's perfect for them in an easy, streamlined process. Here's how it works:
Not only are we an established construction company, but we also have our in-house architect, Matthew Jenne, who will sit down with your client to go over what they would like to change or update in the house.  Next, we will send the client's financial information to our mortgage partner who will get them approved for the 203(k) loan program. This loan will wrap the costs of the renovation right into the mortgage so your client needs no additional cash or loan for the repairs. Plus, this loan allows them to borrow up to 110% of the home's future value.  After the house is under contract, Matthew will then draw the plans to the client's specifications.  Finally after closing, we immediately renovate the home so your client can move into their new, updated house quickly with no hassle. It's that easy!  And, since they will be renovating this home, its value will increase after the work is complete giving them instant equity. How's that for taking advantage of the current buyer's market?
Let's build a winning partnership

Our goal is to be a partner with you that creates a win-win situation. We have designed this program to be streamlined and easy in order to take the fear out of home renovation. This will clearly give you the ability to sell more houses by allowing any home to become updated or customized for any client. We know that when your client understands how easy the process is, they will realize the potential in every home they see. In fact, allowing them to unleash their creativity may turn an inventory of old, outdated homes into a list of endless possibilities. When each house you show has the potential to become the home of their dreams, the market now becomes a seller's market for you!