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A Company Built on

Expertise and Integrity

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Jenne Construction has been providing exceptional work for almost 40 years!
In 1972, Max Jenne began building a construction business based on two fundamental principles: expertise and integrity. As a licensed Professional Engineer in the State of New Jersey, his advanced knowledge of structural design bolstered his ability to develop and build quality homes and commercial buildings. For his clients, he focused on providing exceptional value, knowing his reputation alone would provide business growth for years to come.
In 2001, Matthew Jenne joined the company, adding a new level of expertise to the team.  As a licensed architect in the State of New Jersey, he has provided a design element to the company that deepens the level of service it provides.  Finally, in 2010, with the addition of Paul Jenne, a real estate investor with experience in business management, sales and marketing, the company expanded its horizons by increasing the service it delivers to its clients while providing a new service to various real estate professionals.

 Our Mission


To provide the highest standard of expertise in our workmanship along with a strong sense of integrity in our client/business relationships. We believe that exceeding the expectations of our clients and fulfilling the commitments to our business partners will allow Jenne Construction to grow for years to come.