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A Company Built on

Expertise and Integrity

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A Company Built on Expertise and Integrity! 


Finding a quality contractor you can trust can be a daunting task.  If you are building a new custom home, adding an addition on to your house, or just updating the kitchen, you want to be sure that what's being built is done well, done right, and will last for however many years you choose to live in the home.  Additionally, when it comes to construction, you know this will be more than just making a purchase at a local hardware store--this is a serious investment.  And let's face it, your family will be living in this home so you'll want to be sure the quality of workmanship is there.


The fact is, not all contractors are the same.  The level of expertise can range from a simple handyman to a serious contractor with years of experience and success in various types of buildings and structures.  When it comes to your investment and your family, you need to make sure the decision you're making is the right one.  Jenne Construction has been in business for almost 40 years providing a high level of expertise in our construction projects while providing a strong level of integrity in our relationships with our clients.  When it comes to your family and your investment, trust the company that is committed to exceeding your expectations through outstanding workmanship at an exceptional value.







Take Advantage of the 203(k) Loan to Customize your New Home!
Have you ever found the perfect home in a great neighborhood but the house was stuck in the 80's? How frustrating is it to have discovered that the house of your dreams has a kitchen that's just not quite up to your standards?  Through the power of the 203(k) loan program, learn how to overcome these obstacles and let Jenne Construction customize your potential new house into the home of your dreams!  Read more: 203(k) Loan Program
Real Estate Agents: Learn how to gain an edge in today's tough  market and SELL MORE HOMES!
Jenne Construction has the perfect program for you to utilize when marketing your homes that will help you sell more houses by providing a service that will blow away your competition.  Read more: For Realtors

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